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Kagurazaka is a place where Japanese traditions, stylishness, and the modern feel coexist. They are found in the tasteful narrow stone-paved alleys, silently standing shrines/temples, as well as in old-established Japanese restaurants to the most up to date restaurants and cafes. Our establishment is located next to the lushly green Shirogane Park located a little into the Kagurazaka Shopping Street.

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Three Private Spa Rooms with Showers

Spa Room No. 1 is called the "Green Room" inspired by Japanese gardens. The En-Suite Spa Room No. 2 is called the "Gold Room" with metallic folding screens. Spa Room No.3 is called the "Red Room" with the traditional Japanese color Koki-Kobai/thick reddish pink. At haccola, you can enjoy the Fermented rice bran bath“hacco bath” (enzyme bath) in three types of private Spa Rooms.
In Spa Room No. 2 "Gold Room," there is a built-in powder room where you can complete washing off your makeup, taking a bath, taking a shower, grooming, and changing all in one suite room. Also, Spa Room No. 2 "Gold Room" and Spa Room No. 3 "Red Room" can be used as a large single room by removing the partition between rooms. You can sense your partner's presence as you complete taking a bath, shower, grooming, and changing all in one room, so it's perfect for friends, mothers, and daughters, and couples taking a bath.

  • Please check the "Menu/Bathing Price" section if you wish to use Spa Room 2 "Gold Room" and Spa Room 3 "Red Room" at the same time.
  • haccola is a facility intended for mainly female customers only. For male customers and couples, please check the "Menu/Bathing Price" section.

Spa Room 1: Green Room

Spa Room 1 "Green Room" is a Spa Room that calms your mind with wallpapers inspired by Japanese gardens. You can get deep relaxation of the mind and body here.

Spa Room 2: Gold Room

Spa Room 2 "Gold Room" is a special suite with photogenic and metallic folding screen wallpapers. There is a built-in powder room here where you can complete washing off your makeup, taking a bath, shower, grooming, and changing clothes all in one room without any travel whatsoever.

Spa Room 3: Red Room

In Spa Room 3, "Red Room," plum flowers that Vincent van Gogh drew are arranged in the traditional Japanese color Koki-Kobai/thick reddish pink. Here, your body and mind could be filled with powerful energy.

Try it with friends or as a couple

Spa Room 2 "Gold Room" and Spa Room 3 "Red Room" can be combined and used as a single large room. There's no doubt taking a bath with friends and as a couple makes bathing even more enjoyable.

Powder Room for Beauty Using Fermentation Cosmetics

In haccola's powder room, there are skincare items like toners, serum, and fermented cosmetic products. There are also rice bran's cosmetic hair care products as well (free). There are shampoo & treatment and facial wash made from fermented rice bran in the shower room, so please be sure to try them (free). After taking a bath, we will serve you a cold towel, water, hot tea, and Nukazuke fruits (free). Also, we sell mineral water from various regions, fermented drinks, and fermented tea in the powder room (fee required). It is our wish for you to spend a relaxing time with us.

Products Related to Fermentation sold at the Entrance Area

We sell the products we use at the haccola entrance. There are hair care items like shampoo & treatment and hair oil as well as skincare items like toner, serum, and face wash. There are also special masks, sheet masks, and drinks on sale. We also sell other fermented cosmetic products, rice bran cosmetics, and fermentation products like fermented food products, fermented seasoning, fermented drinks, and fermented tea. Please check this page for details.


  • 〒162-0825
    1F Sun Heights Kagurazaka, 6-8 Kagurazaka, Shinjuku-Ku, Tokyo

    Three minutes on foot from the 1b Exit of Kagurazaka Station on the Tozai Line, and four minutes on foot from the A3 Exit of Ushigome-Kagurazaka Station on Oedo Line

  • Phone:03-5946-8380
  • 【Hours】10:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. (Last Reception: 10:00 p.m.)
    【Holidays】No set days
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  • ■東西線神楽坂駅をご利用の場合


    東西線神楽坂駅1a出口を出ると、目の前の通りが神楽坂商店街になります。ファミリーマートのある左に向かって歩き、神楽坂商店街を下ります。音楽の友ホールさん、菊池医院さん、リトルマーメイドさん(パン屋)を通り、100円ショップさん、よしやさん(スーパーマーケット)、文悠さん(本屋)を過ぎると、「神楽坂鼓月(和菓子屋)」さんがあるので、そこを左折します。神楽坂ぼっちりやさん(角打ち)、ラムダック東京さん(レストラン)、Beef? Or beef?さん(ハンバーガー屋)、素敵なお店がたくさん集まっている大〆ビルさん(オレンジ色の建物)を見たら、フレンチの名店「ラトラス L'Atlas 神楽坂」さんの目の前がハッコラです。白銀公園手前の白い壁の建物、サンハイツ神楽坂の1階になります。


    東西線神楽坂駅1b出口を出ると、目の前に小諸そばさんがあります。左に向かって歩き、赤城神社さんに突き当たったら右に曲がり、赤城学習会館、神楽坂ルージュさん (焼き鳥屋)を過ぎて、カド さん(割烹)の四差路を直進します。離島キッチンさん(郷土料理)、季彩やひでさん(1F和食)とビストロお野菜と.さん(2Fレストラン)を通ってしばらく歩きます。理清蘭さん(韓国料理)とル・ミリオンさん(床屋)を見て左折すると、素敵なお店がたくさん集まっている大〆ビルさん(オレンジ色の建物)があり、フレンチの名店「ラトラス L‘Atlas 神楽坂」さんの目の前がハッコラです。白銀公園手前の白い壁の建物、サンハイツ神楽坂の1階になります。

  • ■大江戸線牛込神楽坂駅をご利用の場合(徒歩4分)

    大江戸線牛込神楽坂駅A3出口を出ると、目の前は大久保通りになります。出口を背に右折すると、ビコックさん(ビストロ)、酒蔵駒忠 神楽坂店さん(居酒屋)があり、神楽坂上交差点になります。ココカラファイン神楽坂上店さん(ドラッグストア)の方に横断歩道を渡ってから、元祖 五十番 神楽坂本店さん(飲茶)側の道へ移動して、神楽坂商店街を上ります。魚串さくらさく 神楽坂店さん(居酒屋)、カフェドクリエさん(カフェ)、ワイン イルグスト ドルチェ ヴィータさん(イタリア食料品店)を通り、ハナミズキさん(花屋)の隣の「神楽坂地蔵屋さん(米菓店)」を右折します。神楽坂ぼっちりやさん(角打ち)、ラムダック東京さん(レストラン)、Beef? Or beef?さん(ハンバーガー屋)、素敵なお店がたくさん集まっている大〆ビルさん(オレンジ色の建物)を見たら、フレンチの名店「ラトラス L'Atlas 神楽坂」さんの目の前がハッコラです。白銀公園手前の白い壁の建物、サンハイツ神楽坂の1階になります。