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About novel coronavirus infection measures

All of the Spa Rooms at our establishment are private rooms, so you can take a bath on your own. Also, all the Spa Rooms, shower rooms, and powder rooms are constantly well ventilated, so please be rest assured.
When you visit our establishment, we ask that you cooperate with hand sanitization using alcohol spray and check your temperature, in accordance with Tokyo's infection spread prevention guideline. Also, we have installed splash prevention panels on reception counters and in powder rooms. The staff will also provide services wearing masks or face shields.

  1. 1. Reservations

    Please make a reservation online or by phone.
    Please visit us empty-handed as we have towels, bath mats, makeup removers, toothbrushes, skincare items like toners/serum, and haircare items like shampoo & treatment, hair oil, etc. (all free).

    Please also read,How to Enter/Take a Bath in the Fermented rice bran bath“hacco bath” (Enzyme Bath)

    • If you visit our establishment without making a reservation, there is a chance we may not be able to provide a bathing session (customers with a reservation are prioritized).
    • You can also reserve the whole establishment (you can use all three private Spa Rooms and powder rooms). For details, please check "Menu/Bathing Prices".
    • Our establishment is designed primarily for women. For male customers, please check "Menu/Bathing Prices".
    • Microorganisms that produce fermentation heat in the rice bran are living creatures. On rare occasions, the temperature does not go up, and it may be difficult to provide bathing sessions. On such occasions, we will contact you immediately. Thank you for your understanding in this matter.

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  2. 2. Reception

    When you visit us at the time and day you reserved, you will first be asked to check-in at the reception counter.
    When you check-in, we will hand you a towel, bathmat, dressing gown, paper underwear (bra and shorts), hair cap, and ear cap (you can bathe naked as well).

  3. 3. Entering the Bathing Area

    After you take off your shoes and put them into a shoebox that can be locked, please wear slippers and enter the bathing area.
    If you want to remove your makeup before bathing, you can use the cleansing lotion (free) in the powder room to wash it off.

    If you want to take a bath with your makeup on, we also have a dry-type sheet mask (free) available as well. You can place it on your face when you take a bath, and it can support your make up to not crumble by absorbing your sweat.
    Also, if you are wearing hard contact lenses, we advise that you take them off before bathing.

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  4. 4. Entering the Private Spa Room

    At haccola, we have three private Spa Rooms available. For details, please check the "Salon Information."
    Once you enter the Spa Room, please take off your clothes and put them in the locker. Please change into the paper underwear (you can bathe naked as well).

    After you finish changing, please lie down in the Fermented rice bran bathtub that has been dug up for the customer, and ring the bell. If you are naked, please pour rice bran on body parts that you do not wish to be seen.

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  5. 5. Taking a Bath

    The staff will enter the Spa Room (private room) to pour fermented rice bran on your body. The fermented rice bran will be poured to cover your whole body, including the armpit, arms, and under the legs.

    The staff will also place a bag with warm fermented rice bran inside, on your eyes (please tell the staff if you don't want it).
    Once the staff leaves the room, you can slowly take a bath for 30 minutes. The warmth will come slowly at first, and then you will gradually feel the comfortable fermentation heat, making you sweat a lot.
    Also, if you wish to take a picture, please feel free to ask the staff.

    • After 15 minutes of bathing, the staff will check-in to see if the conditions are fine.
    • You can finish your session before the 30 minutes of bathing time finishes.

    For details, please check "How to Enter/Take a Bath in the “hacco bath”.

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  6. 6. Bathing Tips and Precautions

    When you move your body inside the bathtub, air could get into the created space, increasing the microorganism activities and making it feel hot. It would be better to stay still while you are taking a bath.
    You can also try bathing styles like facing down from a face-up position to warm your internal organs, or you can walk out of the bathtub to take a break if you get tired. You can also try half-body bathing by sitting up and raising your upper body.

    Before you go back to take a bath again, please ring the bell to call the staff. The staff will pour fermented rice bran on your whole body again.
    If you feel unwell or feel that the fermented rice bran is too hot, you can try adjusting your body position or get out of the bathtub and ring the bell to call the staff.

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  7. 7. Options

    We also have special face masks that contain plenty of fermented rice bran's active components (fee required). You can better feel the effectiveness when you wear it while taking a bath.

  8. 8. After Taking a Bath - Grooming

    When it is time, the staff will come to notify you in the Spa Room (private room) (bathing time extension can be requested (fee required)).
    Once you get out of the bath, you can wash off the sweat in the shower room inside the Spa Room. You can wash your hair and face using shampoo and treatment made from fermented rice bran (free).

    After taking a shower, please change into a dressing gown and go to the powder room. There, you can try fermented cosmetic products and rice bran cosmetic products for your skincare and haircare (free).

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  9. 9. Relaxation

    During your grooming session, we will bring you a cool towel, water, hot tea, and Nukazuke fruits to the powder room (free). We also sell fermented drinks, fermented tea, and cold malted sheet masks that are perfect after taking a bath. Please be sure to try them (fee required).
    Once you are no longer sweating and feel relaxed, you can go back to the Spa Room, change, and pay the fees at the reception counter.

    We sell the products we use at the haccola entrance. There are hair care items like shampoo & treatment and hair oil as well as skincare items like toner, serum, and face wash. There are also special masks, sheet masks, and drinks on sale. Please check this page for details.

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